In the Garden of the Gods

by Dragon Hawkmoth and the Moongeezers



well it was spring 2016 a wet and cold one and the boyz ofa welsh known band came along to celebrate me birthday session as I became 50 this year and like in 2014, we decided to release that recording session. so me and them had first a curry like usual and then afterwards we recorded two albums and also another one . while at the first album the drummer wa snot often isnide the studio, this time it was totally different asMoltg came inside and juts asked where the pads are :) lol. also me Roadie Eggman came along to have a listen to it and me Master Cat Lord Moony was around, looking after everyone what everyone did, and took later place at the top of a shelf to have a nice overview.
Ok I had not much time this year to give it a earlier listen to and so all went down to autumn after the last cat gig took place in Karlsruhe.
The Artwork was tricky, I used high resolution renders this time and Bryce (TM) took a long time to render me imaginations of a good colourful and psychedelic artwork; one reason was that the length of both albums was more like a length of a vinyl record each, and if I ever would win the lottery I will create vinyls of it. so the CDs are filled up with some alternative mixes.
The other reason to create high resolution Pictures is, that the covers for the CD-Rs will be send out to a printing company and it takes a long time to render the pictures in a size with 300dpi to get very good high resolution basics, on which I worked afterwards to create the artwork you see.
meanwhile also a lot of DJs played already tracks of the album and a lot of people asked for them which is also an attention I never thought of. the CDs will follow later this month when the printed covers will come back and each CD is limited to 50pieces each. there will be also a special containing all three CDs (also the SendeliKatz-Kozmik Curry included) plus some goodies coming along with it :) so watch this space :)


released January 1, 2017

G.S. Fish-bass
Stan guitar, sitar+synths
Pedro guitar
Rick synths
Lem -Sax
Mold- drums



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